What can you do with $1 a day? It could change your future….

You can’t change the past. It’s behind you, and done with. What you do today will have some effect on the future, however. Everyone hopefully has $1 a day they can put towards their future, no matter their circumstances or age. That buck that bought a bottle could have struck the lotto, however the lotto is a horrible investment that doesn’t teach you any financial skills. The wonderful thing about technology today is that with a few caveats you can invest small amounts of money, without paying transaction fees. This is a new phenomenon, and most of the country let alone the world is unaware that it’s possible. Jump on it, and your life is going to change.

My plan for the next 52 weeks is to write about the process of investing $7 a week in the stock market. I’ll outline the work involved to set it up, the process I use to choose when to buy, hold, or sell stock, and the technology I’ll use. I hope you’ll follow along, and that some of you may choose to invest your own dollar (or more) a day with me.